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7 Construction Technology Trends to Embrace

Innovation has always been at the forefront of the construction industry, but it’s now evolving at a much faster pace. Construction technology enables us to design and build in ways that are safer and more efficient, and in some ways, more complex. Whether it’s a tool or software program, we must continue to find new […]

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Hurricane Preparedness 101: Your Guide In Louisiana

The Gulf South is no stranger to wild weather. By the time summer’s steamy heat gives way to the height of hurricane season in September, we’ve already seen our share of torrential downpours and dramatic floods. When is the best time to think about hurricane preparedness? Before a storm is bearing down. Here’s how Perrier Esquerré Contractors […]

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6 Commercial Construction Industry Trends In 2021

Many industries had to pivot and reconsider how they did business in 2020. In the commercial construction industry, trends in 2021 are focused on the future. Here’s what you can expect in terms of growth, new areas of expansion, and more. What will be the major commercial construction industry trends in 2021? From advances in […]

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