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Why You Need A Commercial Contractor And Other FAQs

When it comes time to get started on a new building project, your first step is the most important one: hiring an experienced commercial contractor. Sure, you could bring in one subcontractor at a time, but there are some serious advantages to having one commercial contractor organizing all of the specialists working on your project. […]

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6 Trends in Commercial Green Construction in 2020

Commercial green construction has come a long way since the first builder lined up a solar array on a warehouse roof. At Perrier Esquerré Contractors, we are constantly analyzing and implementing the newest green construction techniques for our Louisiana commercial builds. Whether you are looking to retrofit an existing structure or want to design a […]

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How to Choose A Good Commercial General Contractor: 4 Tips

When considering a big construction project, the difference between a ground-breaking project and a heartbreaking one is a great commercial general contractor. Here are our tips on how to find the best general contractor for your job. Need more help after reading this post? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Perrier Esquerré Contractors. We […]

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